Welcome to Christian Life Church!!!

A place to experience life.

Psalms 47:7 For God is king of the whole earth! Sing a well-written song!

Pray For the Christian Life Church!!!

We can always use your help. You don't have to donate your money or your time, but your prayers are a welcome gift.
That our focus will be on what God wants to do in this local community, the volunteers, and us.
That God will work in our hearts to be open to His will for His ministry.
That God will refresh our hearts and give us a joy that is obvious to our families and community.
That the glory of God will be revealed through our outreach to the community.
That as we deal with a depressed and hurting community, we will be empowered by God to show them His love, His righteousness, and that He saves.
That He will strengthen us to trust in His provision, Love, empowerment and protection in all that we do.